Mark found himself in a home where is wasn't walked and was left with no stimulaton.  He became bored and overrweight.  Since being in a foster home he has flourshed with the love of his foster mum.  This is what his foister mum hast to say about him.
Mark's confidence has come on really well. He absolutely loves human attention. If you stop fussing him, he nudges or paws for more. He has the most beautiful, swishy big tail which goes crazy when he sees a human he likes!  And he likes to help in the garden but doesn’t always dig in the right places… !! He was initially very nervy and still sometimes needs encouraging inside the house. He is amazing on the lead- he doesn’t pull At all but loves to stop and sniff. He also loves water and will head for any puddles or ponds! He does a good job of cleaning himself up afterwards though. Mark is overweight; we have started working on this and he is getting a little hip definition but a new owner will need to keep this up, lots of lovely exercise and maybe using his food as training treats to help him with his basic commands without over feeding. Mark is super soft and fluffy, especially his ears! 😍😍😍He loves snuggling up to you on the sofa. He likes to please and is food orientated so he has great potential to learn lots of new tricks quickly.   If Mark is scared he does a deep, loud bark that can sound aggressive but this is purely his fear and he will try to move away from whatever it is that is scaring him. Gentle coaxing, treats, calm voices and he is won over very quickly, but this may need repeating for several days until he learns that you arent a threat. He is completely clean inside the house. He hovers near the door if he needs to go but doesn’t bark. Mark is just such a super dog. The photos do not do this beautiful boy justice.
Mark needs a quiet home where he can have lots of attention, lots of walks and a great deal of love.  He also needs a dog experienced home as he can push his luck sometimes.  He is also like many rescues is more wary of men than women so any male in the home will need to work that little bit harder.




Please note, we are unable to consider for adoption

  • People under 25 years old
  • People with children under 10 years old
  • Home without a secure garden
  • Families with unneutered dogs
  • Home where the dog will have to be left alone more than 4 hours.

Location: Wiltshire
Age: Approx DOB 10/05/2019
Gender: Male
Status: Available

Added: 4th July 2022

  • Good with children
  • Good with dogs